Alcohol free Cosmopolitan recipe

by Clear Head Drinks

Did you know that the United Kingdom have a National Cosmopolitan Day?  Well, they do and it's coming up on the 7th of May.  Since New Zealand doesn't have a National Cosmo Day, we figured we'd get behind the UK's day instead.  We've also got the World Cocktail Day coming up on the 13th of May, so this all makes for a good excuse to break out the cocktail shaker and put some of our alcohol-free spirits to the test. 

We’re pleased to report that our alcohol-free Cosmo turned out to be rather delicious.  While Cosmo’s are traditionally made with Vodka, we used an alcohol-free Gin in our recipe which worked just as well (if not better).    

Because our Cosmo was such a success, we thought we would share our recipe so you can create this masterpiece to enjoy at home.  Happy National Cosmopolitan Day! 🍸

Alcohol Free Cosmo

  • 90mls of any alcohol-free Gin alternative
  • 30mls Lyre's Orange Sec
  • 60mls cranberry juice
  • Juice of one-two limes (15-30mls) 
  • 5-10mls white sugar syrup 1:1 (optional)*
  • Lime wedge to serve

Put some ice into your cocktail shaker then add all the ingredients listed above (minus the lime wedge that is). Shake until the shaker feels ice cold then strain into your favourite cocktail glass – we think having a lovely glass makes all the difference!  It's also preferable to chill your glass ahead of time so your Cosmo stays icy cold. Garnish with a little wedge of lime.

* You can make simple sugar syrup by dissolving 1 part sugar in 1 part water in a small saucepan over medium heat.

It's as simple as that, and tastes totally delicious. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did.
















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