Dry July inspiration with Johnny Johnson

by Clear Head Drinks

Taking a break from alcohol can only be a good thing, and in order to really experience the benefits, we think it is worth committing to go dry for a solid block of time.  Dry July is the perfect time!  By taking part in Dry July, you won’t feel like an outcast, there is a community of people doing it with you, there are discounts and sales on like our site wide 15% off deal, and you can do social good by raising funds for a worthy cause.  So, if you’ve been a bit sober-curious or wanting to take a break from alcohol for a while now, then this July is your time!

Need some inspiration for Dry July?

For a bit of Dry July inspiration, we caught up with Johnny Johnston, Founder of UNLTD. award winning non-alcoholic craft beers that come with health benefits.  To read more about UNLTD. beers and their benefits, check out our previous blog post here

Johnny has quite an inspiring story about changing his own drinking habits, and we think it’s a great example of what taking a break from alcohol can do for you.  Perhaps his story will help inspire you!?

Johnny was working in a sales job in London, doing the typical daily grind including long work hours with a tedious commute. He was drinking regularly, and in the weekends he was always hungover.  In the podcast Over the Influence, Johnny mentioned it probably wasn’t longer than two or three days over the seven or so years he was working in the city, that he hadn’t had a drop of alcohol.  He started to realise that he needed to make a change as he was not really ‘living his life’, he was becoming unproductive and his relationships were starting to suffer.

“I decided to stop drinking for a three month period after my wedding night. I overindulged during the celebrations and this caused me to have a five day hangover! So, I set myself a three month target of no alcohol to see how much better I would feel.
After three weeks I was sleeping so much better, I was exercising daily, I was more productive at work and my relationships improved, there were no negatives and definitely no more hangovers. But I missed beer.  I tried some of the AF options available in pubs and bars, but I wasn’t overly impressed so I looked more into how alcohol free beer was made and discovered that it can be a nutritional drink in its own right, if brewed in a certain way. So, with my new found lease of life and desire to want a better tasting and healthier AF beer, I set out on a journey to create a new AF beer brand.”

After doing his three months alcohol free, Johnny reintroduced alcohol back into his life.  Proving that moderation can be achieved for some, Johnny now drinks on rare occasions but is mostly alcohol free.  He says, “I’m not teetotal, but 95% of the time I drink AF beers”. 

We think this is a great achievement, and sets a positive example of how simply taking a break from the booze can literally change your life!  Thanks to going alcohol free for just three months, Johnny now owns his own business, he’s happier, healthier and is far more productive.  We highly recommend you give going dry a try and see what it does for you! 

What’s also great about Johnny’s story is that he shows you don’t have to go teetotal forever.  There are no set rules to this lifestyle choice, you can totally do it in your own way.  However, you might want to take note of Johnny’s top tip: 

“Set yourself a target, at least one month of no booze. I started to really feel the benefits after three weeks, and as soon as you feel the improvements you don’t want to go back.”

So, what are you waiting for?

Start by making a short-term commitment to yourself, then head over to our shop to stock up on some non-alcoholic supplies, making use of our 15% off sale. Having your fridge well stocked with non-alcoholic drinks can really help you achieve your goals.  Being armed and ready to tackle your alcohol cravings head on with a delicious alcohol-free alternative will make all the difference.  We wish you the best of luck!



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