‘Every Time Choose Health’ with ETCH

by Clear Head Drinks

ETCH is the acronym for ‘Every Time Choose Health’ and with their range of sparkling alcohol-free beverages, they make it easy to do just that.  These beverages are handcrafted using distilled botanicals of sustainably farmed native Australian fruits and herbs, contain no refined sugars, artificial sweeteners or preservatives and are low calorie, low carb and 0% ABV.

ETCH Founders Jason and Andy Quin

ETCH was founded by Jason and Andy Quin, based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.  Jason and Andy are passionate about the principles of good health and inclusion, offering choices to consumers so they can feel more included in dining and social settings where alcohol tends to dominate.

Jason and Andy have put their heart and soul into developing ETCH so we thought we'd take the time to introduce these unique beverages to you, giving you a better feel for what they are all about.

Beverages like no other

ETCH offers adults alcohol-free drink options that don’t try to replicate other alcoholic drinks.  Effectively a category in their own right, they are similar to a sparkling wine alternative or adult soda.  ETCH sparkling beverages are a great option for anyone looking for a healthy and tasty adult drink that is completely alcohol-free, as long as you’re not looking to find a direct replacement for a particular alcoholic drink.   

It’s a little bit hard to explain but you need to appreciate ETCH for what it is, with no expectations that it’s going to simply be your new substitute for [insert whatever your alcoholic drink of choice was here]. ETCH is not an alcohol replacement, but rather a completely unique drink that offers an entirely new and different drinking experience! 

ETCH is super versatile

Despite being totally satisfying on their own, ETCH sparkling beverages also make an excellent mixer that can really enhance your favourite alcohol-free spirits. Combining the botanicals in ETCH with distilled alcohol-free spirits makes for a very interesting and for some, a more familiar drink that can in fact be a tasty substitute for alcohol.

It really depends on what you’re looking for from your beverage, and this is what makes ETCH so versatile.  It’s a drink that can be whatever you want it to be! With three popular flavours to choose from and more on the way, there is a bit of ETCH for everyone. 

Our top picks

ETCH Sparkling HNY is our top pick as it really is so unique and interesting!  It has a gentle aroma and mild honey flavour yet is surprisingly dry. The sweetness from the honey is perfectly balanced by a warming spice that sort of ‘zings’ on your palette.  It has a fantastic mouthfeel and presence about it and leaves a satisfying and lasting aftertaste.  HNY is great on its own or try with a non-alcoholic spiced rum to really take things up a notch.

A close second is ETCH Sparkling PLM.  Featuring extracts of native Australian Davidson Plum, Riberry and strawberry Gum, ETCH Sparkling PLM has a sweet berry vibe with a slightly tart aftertaste. At only 2 calories per serving, PLM is the perfect option for those who are looking for a health-conscious, sugar-free beverage that has a real depth of flavour. ETCH Sparkling PLM pairs well with any non-alcoholic pink gin, we tried it with Lyres Pink London Spirit, and it was just divine. 

There’s also ETCH Sparkling ZST which features native Australian Fingerlime, Lemon Myrtle and Rosemary. This one reminds us of a bit of a mix between key lime and lemon meringue pie! It is sweet yet citrusy, and we think it would pair well with a non-alcoholic gin like the Brunswick Aces Sapiir Spades or Ecology & Co London Dry.

While we are not going to be restocking this range from ETCH, for a limited time you may find some in our clearance section or check out our extensive tonics and mixers range to find something similar.

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