Get Gruvi with non-alcoholic craft beers and wines

by Clear Head Drinks

Grüvi are a family business from Toronto, Canada who are shaking up the non-alcoholic and alcohol free drinks space with their excellent range of craft beers and wines.

The Sawni family moved to Denver, Colorado after identifying the area as home to a bunch of like-minded, health-conscious individuals who were likely to lap up Grüvi’s range of non-alcoholic drinks. In Denver, co-founders and siblings Niki and Anika Sawni have set up to live and work with their parents as they 'trailblaze a new way to live and socialise without alcohol that makes every moment feel a little more Gruvi'.

While far from being your typical start-up story, it certainly seems to be working for the Sawni's.  Grüvi are producing a growing range of top quality non-alcoholic craft beverages, receiving excellent reviews and Anika has even been selected for the Forbes 30 under 30 list in the Food and Drinks category for 2022 - what an outstanding achievement at the age of 23!  

Grüvi’s mission is simple - help others be healthy and stay social, one drink at a time.  


Grüvi are striving to create an inclusive community focused on making better choices and helping people feel more comfortable in social settings, regardless of what’s in their cup. This is so well aligned with our mission at Clear Head Drinks, as we are here to provide everyone with choice, enabling social inclusion, bringing people together and helping to normalise an alcohol-free lifestyle. 

No matter your reason, we’ve got you covered, and Grüvi does too!

Our range of Grüvi non-alcoholic craft beers

All our Grüvi beers are non-alcoholic, contain less than 0.5% ABV and 60 calories per serve, the lightest being the Sour Weisse which comes in at only 35 calories per can.  That, combined with the super refreshing citrus flavour makes this sour beer pretty hard to beat.  It's also our only sour non-alcoholic craft beer, so if sour's your thing it's well worth checking this one out.                               Sour Weisse  🍻

Grüvi alcohol free sparkling wines

  • Bubbly Rose – Fruity aroma and mildly sweet, yet tart
  • Dry Secco (alcohol free Prosecco) – Creamy, dry and acidic

Grüvi’s wines are gluten free, sulphate free and completely alcohol free (0.0% ABV) so they can be enjoyed by everyone.  Not only do they taste great, but they also contain a secret blend of natural extracts from the essential oils of fruit, plants and herbs which makes these wines extra special.  All ingredients used are GFSI certified (global food safety initiative) so you can rest assured Grüvi’s ‘secret recipe’ is also totally safe to consume.

We especially like the flexibility you get from the 275ml wine bottles, these are perfect if you just want one or two drinks, making sure no good wine goes to waste. At 60 calories or less per bottle, they are also a great, healthy, guilt-free option 😜

Check out the full range of Grüvi products here and watch this space for some new arrivals coming soon!

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