Non-alcoholic craft beers by Drop Bear Beer Co

by Clear Head Drinks

Because it’s Beer Week and B Corp month, we thought we’d give you a bit of a run down on our selection of non-alcoholic craft beers from the B Corp certified brewery, Drop Bear Beer Co. 

Founded by Joelle Drummond and Sarah McNena, Drop Bear Beer Co are the world's first female founded brewery, and Wale’s first B Corp certified brewery.  These clever ladies are on a mission to brew “the best alcohol-free craft beers and build a better world in which to drink it” – and they’re doing a great job of both!

What is B Corp Cert all about?

Certified B Corporations are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.  It’s about measuring a company’s entire social and environmental impact, then being totally transparent about how they stacked up.  You can read more about Drop Bear Beer's 'B score' here.

What sustainable practices have Drop Bear established?

  • Committed to saving as many trees as possible and minimising waste, the Drop Bear office is paperless and fully digital. They also plant 12 trees per employee per month, ensuring that their commitment to the environment grows with them 👌
  • Drop Bear are using a 100% renewable energy powered vehicle. This helps the team reduce their carbon footprint whilst zipping about to events and meetings.
  • Drop Bear t-shirts are created with organic cotton, old t-shirts, plastic free packaging, and a renewable energy powered supply chain. 
  • They have taken the 'Green Growth Pledge' and 'Equality Pledge' and use renewable energy and recyclable materials throughout their supply chain.
  • Last but not the least, Drop Bear are building the world's first carbon neutral alcohol-free brewery in 2022 - very cool!

That’s all well and good, but how do the beers taste?!

We love what Drop Bear Beer Co are doing for the planet but it's also important to know how these beers taste, right?!  So we could get some independent feedback, we sent a bunch of Drop Bear samples to one of our taste testers to try at home.  Here's what came back:

New World Lager – A flavoursome craft beer that’s definitely a lot hoppier than a mainstream lager. Mid-amber in colour, with a malty aroma, this beer has a pleasant but slightly bitter flavour and carries a limey aftertaste. The hops in this beer all come from New Zealand so you will the see familiar names of Motueka, Rakau and Wai-iti listed on the bottle!

Yuzu Pale Ale – This one is light on the aroma yet full of a fruity vibrant flavour.  Carrying a toffee caramel undertone, and while you can pick up a hint of malt and bitters, this brew heads more towards the sweeter end of the scale.  You’re left with a smooth and satisfying aftertaste and your taste buds are so intrigued by the interesting flavours that you need to go back for more!  An easy drinking beer, great for picnics and BBQs on a hot summer’s day.   

Tropical IPA – Wow this is a strong tasting beer!  If I didn’t know it was non-alcoholic, I would swear this is one of those craft beers I’d be regretting in the morning…. Tastes malty and bitter, yet leaves a smooth aftertaste which lingers nicely after each sip.  With its dark amber colour this IPA looks, smells and tastes like a craft beer should – without the headache! 

Bonfire Stout  - I’m not a stout drinker so not entirely sure what these are normally like.  However, I can say it’s a dark coffee coloured brew with a charcoal-caramel aroma and malty chocolate flavour.  It surprised me by not being overly strong or too bitter.  It is also very smooth and leaves an interesting, smoky aftertaste.  

Overall verdict = winning! 

These beers taste unique and crafty and all carry a pleasant mouthfeel and smooth aftertaste.  Whatever your favourite style of beer is, you will be able to find a winning brew from the Drop Bear selection.

Why not order some Drop Bear beers to try during beer week?

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