Non-alcoholic Gins for the win!

by Donna Weston

Non-alcoholic Gins are, in our opinion, one of the greatest non-alcoholic beverage options available on the market.  There’s such a diverse variety of non-alcoholic Gins out there, from classic dry London and pink Gin styles through to botanical, herbal, spice inspired, and other aromatic blends.  We think there’s a non-alcoholic Gin to suit everyone, and we challenge you to find your favourite!

In the spirit of World Gin Day, which happens to be on 11 June 2022, we thought we’d give you our take on some of the non-alcoholic Gins we have in our online store.  Due to our extensive range, we haven’t listed them all, but we have tried to cover off our best sellers in the hope that you find one that speaks to you.  With our Survive July sale on from now until 10 July, it’s a great time to try something new.  So, why not give a non-alcoholic Gin a try?

Best selling non-alcoholic Gins

Warners Pink Berry

This non-alcoholic Gin is a winner in our books.  It has a bold presence to it and an excellent mouthfeel.  It also carries a warming aftertaste from the chilli that closely mimics the sensation of drinking an alcoholic spirit.  The vibrant berry flavours are at their best when the bottle is first opened, so stick to the 6-week recommended shelf life for maximum enjoyment.  It’s never been a problem for us though - it’s too tasty to last any longer in our house anyway!      

Lyres Dry London Spirit

A straight swap non-alcoholic version of your classic London Dry Gin.  This is a great non-alcoholic alternative for your classic G&T.  Mix with a good tonic and slice of lemon and you could fool anyone into thinking they are drinking the real thing!

Lyres Pink London Spirit

This one has a delightfully sweet berry aroma and gentle pink Gin flavour which is enhanced when you mix with tonic - and even better with a fancy botanical tonic! It is sweet, but not sickly.  It has a smooth mouthfeel and simple, subtle presence which is brought forward by its gorgeous pink colour.

Ecology & Co London Dry

We love that this one is crafted in New Zealand! The Ecology & Co London Dry adds an interesting herbal and citrus element to its classic juniper base. It makes a refreshing G&T that satisfies adult tastebuds. This one is going to taste familiar, yet completely different to anything else you’ve tried, all at the same time.  It starts off as a Gin but then morphs into something more.  We like to call this ‘simple sophistication’.

Sexy AF ViirGiin

The best feature of the Sexy AF ViirGiin is the mouthfeel! It's full bodied and almost leaves a bit of a coating inside your mouth for a little while after each sip. It's tart, with a pink grapefruit flavour that sits nicely alongside the classic juniper base. The flavours hold their own well in soda water or you can bring them up a notch by mixing with your favourite tonic. Just don’t overdo it with the tonic – just a splash mixed with some soda water works best for this one otherwise the tonic takes over the show, and we don’t want that!

We hope this rundown of our best-selling Gins helps you pick one to try for yourself.  Grab a bottle from our shop and enjoy G&Ts with us on World Gin Day!

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