Tips to survive Dry July

by Clear Head Drinks

Welcome to Dry July! By signing up to do Dry July and securing some sponsors, you’ll not only be doing a great thing for yourself, you’ll also be helping to create a better life for people affected by cancer. All funds raised during Dry July stay in New Zealand to benefit cancer patients, their families and carers. In support of this fantastic cause, we wanted to give you our top 10 tips to help you fly through July.

Top 10 tips to fly through Dry July

#1 - Stock up on alcohol free drink alternatives!  Obviously, this is where we can help you out the most 😉. Make sure you take advantage of our 15% off site wide sale on until 10th JulyNon-alcoholic beer in particular is a life saver when going dry, it tastes just as good as regular beer (actually better, in our opinion).  You won’t even notice it’s missing alcohol, making it a perfect substitutional drink.  

#2 - Fill your fridge.  Going without alcohol doesn’t mean your drinks need to be boring!  Find some interesting soda syrups, fruits and herbs to add to your drinks.  Fresh lemons, limes, mint and cucumber are some of our favourites, as are frozen strawberries. It’s amazing how they can really bring your non-alcoholic drinks to life.

#3 - Fill your pantry.  Have some tasty snacks handy to help you get through the evening, instead of sipping on an alcoholic drink.  Many people find they crave sugar when they stop drinking, so be prepared and have something sweet on hand to get you through the cravings. 

#4 - Stay busy.   You’ll probably find you have more hours to spare each week, so make the most of it, and avoid getting bored (which might cause you to drink). Start a project of some kind, try a new hobby, get a few books out from the library or start binging on a new Netflix series.  It doesn’t matter what you do, just find something to keep yourself busy in the evenings. 

#5 - Plan sober social activities.  Going to the movies with friends is a great way to have a sober night out without feeling like you’re missing out.  Lunches and coffee dates are another good option, as are any activity-based event where the focus is anything but drinking. 

#6 - Buy or borrow a soda stream machine.  Soda Streams are awesome because you always have soda water on hand which makes a great base for many non-alcoholic drinks. They are also good for the environment by reducing the use of plastic bottles.

#7 - Acquire some new drinking glasses.  Have a hunt through your local opportunity shop and see if you can find a few interesting glasses to drink out of. Having a lovely glass to hold also makes your non-alcoholic drink all the more special, enhancing the ritual of making yourself a tasty, grown up drink.

#8 - Treat yourself.  You’re doing such a good thing for yourself and others so you deserve to be rewarded!  Pick something nice to do or have as a treat for each milestone you want to celebrate throughout the month.  This will help keep you motivated and make it more fun.

#9 - Connect with others.  If you can, try Dry July with a group of friends or colleagues so you’re not doing it alone, or find an online sober community to connect with like

#10 - Sign up and raise funds for a good cause.  Dry July raises funds to support the causes Look Good Feel Better, Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ and PINC & STEEL. By helping raise funds for these causes you’ll feel more committed towards your goal, plus you get to do some social good, so everyone wins!

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    If you haven’t already done so, head over to our shop and check out New Zealand’s largest range of non-alcoholic drinks from all around the world.  With 15% off site wide until 10th July, if you’re doing Dry July - we’ve got you covered. 

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