UNLTD. Non-alcoholic craft beer with benefits

by Clear Head Drinks

UNLTD. is an award winning non-alcoholic craft beer with benefits.  Who would have thought that drinking beer could be good for your health?  Well, with UNLTD. it actually is.  From as low as 13 calories per bottle, UNLTD. non-alcoholic beer is vegan friendly, gluten free, low carb, isotonic and rich in nutrients including vitamin B6 and B12 – especially great for vegans!  It’s kind to the planet too, being brewed in a solar-powered brewery in the UK. 

UNLTD. non-alcoholic beer is great for vegans

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that your body needs, but cannot produce.  It therefore must come from dietary sources and as any good vegan would know, vitamin B12 is only naturally found in animal products. Vegetables alone are an inadequate source of vitamin B12 so this can be a bit problematic for vegans. 

It’s not just a problem for vegan’s though, meat-eaters can be deficient in vitamin B12 too!  In fact, according to a New Zealand Adult Nutrition Survey, 8% of our total population may be deficient in vitamin B12*.

Why is vitamin B12 important?

Vitamin B12 improves memory, mood and energy – and who doesn’t want more of all that?  It also assists with bone health, heart health, and provides support for healthy hair, skin and nails.  Basically, it's something we don't want to miss out on, vegan or not… 

The good news is just one bottle of UNLTD. non-alcoholic IPA will provide you with 46% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin B12.  Doing the math, if you simply consume three bottles you’ll totally smash your daily target!  Too easy 🍻 

How does UNLTD. non-alcoholic beer taste? 

You might be wondering how on earth can you get a vegan, gluten free, low calorie, low carb, non-alcoholic beer to actually taste any good? Well, we put this question to Johnny Johnson, Founder of UNLTD. and here’s what he said:

That is a trade secret I’m afraid, but I had some help from some very experienced brewers. I wanted UNLTD. to be the healthiest AF beer available, so our focus has always been on low calories and making sure there’s vitamins in our beer.

So I guess we’ll never know quite how he did it, but rest assured he has.  We think the UNLTD. non-alcoholic beers taste really good, and they’ve won a bunch of awards too.

Curious about these beneficial beers? 

There are two brews to choose from in the UNLTD. line-up:

  • UNLTD. Lager
    • Won gold in the European Beer Challenge (London) 2021
    • 23 calories per bottle, 0.5% ABV
    • Vitamin B6 - 11% RDI and Vitamin B12 - 8% RDI per 100ml
    • Carbohydrate 1.65g per 100ml of which 0.3g are sugars 
    • Subtly bitter, mildly hoppy with caramel undertones
    • Won bronze in the World Beer Awards (UK) 2021
    • 13 calories per bottle, 0.5% ABV
    • Vitamin B12 - 14% RDI per 100ml
    • Carbohydrate 1.0g per 100ml of which 0.1g are sugars
    • Moderately bitter with a hoppy aftertaste

Whatever one you go for, they are both refreshing and easy to drink, with no moderation required!  They come in a very sophisticated and sleek bottle too, so you get to look good while taking care of your body.

UNLTD. beer is just that.  Unlimited in flavour, unlimited in benefits, and leaves all your potential, unlimited.

* Source: University of Otago and Ministry of Health. (2011). A Focus on Nutrition: Key findings of the 2008/09 New Zealand Adult Nutrition Survey.

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