Why Choose Clear Head Drinks?

by Natalie Cooper

Being a customer turned taste tester - and now blog contributor for Clear Head Drinks, I have first-hand experience of the entire journey a customer takes when ordering from Clear Head Drinks' online store.  It’s a bit of a unique and privileged position to be in really, and as such I thought I’d take the opportunity to share my story about why I choose Clear Head Drinks (and why I think you should too).

New Zealand’s largest range of non-alcoholic drinks   

Clear Head Drinks carry New Zealand’s largest range of non-alcoholic drinks from all around the world.  The interesting and diverse variety available has allowed me to really explore what I’m calling my ‘new hobby’ since taking a break from alcohol nearly a year ago.  That is, trying anything and everything to find something satisfying and delicious to replace my former drink of choice - Sauvignon Blanc. 

I’ve been down a bit of a rabbit hole since ditching my daily glass of wine, researching alcohol-free and non-alcoholic drink options, and trying almost everything I could find.  I just wasn’t having a lot of luck finding anything particularly good.  The supermarket and liquor store selections were limited, and I had already tried most of what they had to offer.  While I found some products OK, they just lacked the complexity and excitement I was looking for – and for me to really consider giving up wine for good, I was going to need something decent to replace it with. 

I would often listen to sober-inspiring podcasts and they would talk about all these non-alcoholic products that sounded so great.  The problem was, I couldn’t find any of those options available in New Zealand.  It was starting to become a bit frustrating because I wanted to get my hands on something better, knowing it was out there but just not within my reach.  Then came my lucky day…

I had been listening to a podcast about a particular non-alcoholic craft beer and it sounded so good.  I searched it up and to my surprise, there it was in the Clear Head Drinks online store!  I hadn’t come across this store before, and as it turns out it had only just launched.  This was impeccable timing for me as the love for my ‘new hobby’ was starting to wane.  I eagerly browsed the store checking out what products they had in stock, ordered a random selection of non-alcoholic craft beers to try, then sat back and awaited my delivery.

Exceptional customer service 

My next great experience with Clear Head Drinks came after making my first order, when Donna contacted me to check in regarding the delivery status of my beers.  She was concerned because there had been some delays due to Covid.  It was so proactive and thoughtful of her to reach out and let me know she was chasing it up.  Despite the fact I was not even concerned about where my delivery was (it hadn't been long), I really appreciated her doing that. It was great to see she cared about the service Clear Head Drinks were providing to their customers.  It was almost like she knew how excited I was about getting my hands on some new alcohol-free beers to try that she wanted to help get them to me ASAP!  Thanks Donna 🤗

Great tasting non-alcoholic drinks 

Next came the fun part, trying the beers when they arrived. Yum!  They really hit the spot just like I had hoped.  Tasty, aromatic, hoppy and utter bliss.  It was so great to finally have some beers that felt right.  They were satisfying, delicious and made me feel like this alcohol-free lifestyle could potentially be sustainable longer term. 

That was exciting and motivating for me, and this realisation has only been further enhanced by the growing range of products Clear Head Drinks have available.  I’ve been making my way through their range of products trying various craft beers, wines, sparkling wine alternatives and spirits.  Needless to say, my ‘new hobby’ is well and truly being catered for!

My favourites so far are the Thomson & Scott Noughty sparkling wines, Gruvi sparkling wines and beers, Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon, Ara Zero Sauvignon Blanc and Bach Brewing All Day non-alcoholic IPA.  I’m also finding all the non-alcoholic spirits super tasty and keep a constant supply in my fridge for whenever I’m feeling like a G&T or something similar (rotating between the different brands because I like them all and can’t seem to settle on a top favourite just yet).

Pricing is competitive 

I have bought and tried so many non-alcoholic products over the last year, and as you probably know, non-alcoholic drinks don’t come cheap.  Thankfully, I didn’t take a break from drinking alcohol to save money!  I was simply looking to change my drinking habits and live a healthier life.  Alas, the costs associated with my ‘new hobby’ certainly add up, and without wanting to come across super frugal, pricing does have a part to play when I’m choosing my non-alcoholic drinks. 

What’s great about Clear Head Drinks is that many products are available to try in single unit quantities.  You can literally buy one can of beer at a time, or a sample size of non-alcoholic spirits.  Even some of the wines and sparkling wine alternatives have single unit options!  This makes it affordable to try lots of drinks and find your favourites without breaking the bank.  They also have subscriptions available on many products (with more coming soon), so once you find your favourites you can set up an auto-ship frequency that suits you and secure your drinks at a discounted rate👌 

Loyalty is rewarded 

My loyalty to Clear Head Drinks has been very well rewarded, with free shipping codes and special discounts delivered straight into my inbox.  It’s so nice to receive a little unexpected ‘thanks’ every now and then, it makes me feel good and reinforces the positive benefits of the healthy lifestyle choices I’m making for myself. 

I recommend signing up for their newsletters too.  That way you’ll be the first to know about sales, competitions, and other deals they’ve got running throughout the year, as well as keeping up to date with new product arrivals and other news.  You may even see more blog posts and reviews from me as my sober-curious journey continues - watch this space!

Clear Head Drinks are here to provide us with choice, and to help normalise living an alcohol-free lifestyle in New Zealand.  They have truly enabled me to experience an alcohol-free lifestyle without feeling like I’m missing out.  Their extensive range of non-alcoholic beverages means I get to feel socially included and experience all the pleasures of consuming delicious yet healthy grown-up drinks. Clear Head Drinks has made this all possible for me, and that’s why I choose Clear Head Drinks.

“No matter your reason, we’ve got you covered”

Launched in August 2021, Clear Head Drinks are New Zealand’s first dedicated non-alcoholic drinks online store.  Ricky Bartlett and Donna Weston founded Clear Head Drinks to provide New Zealand with a choice when it comes to drinking, no matter what their personal beliefs and reasons are. You can read more about their story here.

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