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Kehrwieder uNN.IPA

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Created by master craft brewer and former world beer sommelier champion Oliver Wesseloh. The u.NN IPA ( überNormalNull) is a non-alcoholic craft beer from the Kehrwieder brewery in Hamburg, Germany and is the first German non-alcoholic IPA. This is a multi-award winning dry hop non-alcoholic beer that has all of the traditional light and refreshing characters of IPA with an International Bitterness Unit (IBU) of 45. 

The ü.NN non-alcoholic IPA is produced exactly the same way as their regular beer including the full brewing process; dry-hopped with Simcoe and Mosaic and unfiltered. However, there is no alcohol to be removed as they use a special yeast that starts fermenting like regular yeast but runs out of food just before it has produced 0.4% abv. 

The result is a low-alcohol beer with a fruity aroma with hints of mango and lime, it pours with a good head and has the perfect cloudy golden shade. It does not taste overly hoppy, with a good bitterness and a hint of the fruitiness from that aroma and a lasting finish.

  • 0.4% ABV
  • Controlled fermentation
  • Made in Germany
  • IBU 45
  • Award winning beer

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Audrey Schnell
Um yum

One of the best non alcoholic beers I’ve tried, tastes like a good strong ipa wow

Lara Simmons
Best Non-alcoholic IPA i've had yet

This is by far the best Non-alcoholic IPA I've had yet. It has all the hoppiness and the complexity of a good Alcoholic IPA.

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