Best Non-Alcoholic Rosé

by Clear Head Drinks

Non-alcoholic rosé is a great option for any wine-lover who wants to skip the alcohol.  Rosé, also known as "blush wine," sits at the crossroads between red and white wines. Unlike traditional red wines that can be heavy and robust, or white wines that can sometimes be too sour or sweet, rosé strikes the perfect balance with a light, crisp taste that's easy for everyone to enjoy.

Non-alcoholic rosé is no exception.  With a light and fruity flavour profile and a stunning pink colour, non-alcoholic rosé has become a popular choice for those looking to enjoy a drink without the effects of alcohol.  Whether you're pursuing healthier habits or just seeking to mix things up, we’re sure you’ll find something to love from our wide range of non-alcoholic rosé wines.

Best Non-Alcoholic Rosé

To help you decide what non-alcoholic rosé to try, we thought we’d give you a bit of a rundown of some of our favourites:

  • Tread Softly Rosé – This wine is simply delicious, and at $14.95 per bottle it is very well priced which only adds to its appeal. A dry style, with tangy peach notes and a delicious strawberry aftertaste, this smooth and full-bodied non-alcoholic rosé is super satisfying to drink.
  • Franz Langguth Holy Moly Merlot Rosé – Beautifully colourful and aromatic rose with a complex flavour profile and nice body.  A medium-dry style without being too sweet, this non-alcoholic rosé is delightful to drink. Think Christmas cherries topped with vanilla cream, yum!
  • Lost Garden Zero Rosé – This wine boasts fresh vibrant flavours of rose-hip, watermelon, and red berries, a delicious, refreshing balanced wine to enjoy on every occasion. With just 29 calories per 150ml glass, this wine can be enjoyed guilt-free!

Best Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Rosé

Don’t forget about the sparkling variety!  Sparkling non-alcoholic rosé wines are fantastic, and go down well on any occasion, especially celebrations. Here are our top picks for you to try:

  • Thomson & Scott Noughty Sparkling Rosé – A dry style bubbles with a delicious berry and crisp apple flavour that comes with a full creamy mouthfeel. The flavours linger long after each sip, making a lasting and highly enjoyable drinking experience. 
  • Vinada Sparkling Rosé - Made from a unique mixture of Tempranillo grapes creating a fruity, dry wine with hints of sweet strawberry, redcurrant and raspberry.
  • Odd Bird Sparkling Rosé – A silky, well-balanced and rather dry sparkling rosé made from a blend of Chardonnay & Syrah grapes which creates tones of summer berry, green apple and citrus vibes.

Non-Alcoholic Rosé is the perfect choice

Non-alcoholic rosé is the perfect choice for anyone looking to enjoy the taste and sophistication of a beautiful wine without the effects of alcohol. It’s super versatile and can be enjoyed on any occasion, at any time of the day.  So why not treat yourself and add a bottle (or two) to your cart and discover why non-alcoholic rosé really is the best!

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