Non-alcoholic drinks for weddings

by Clear Head Drinks

Why you should provide non-alcoholic drinks at your wedding

Providing non-alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks for your guests may not be a top priority when you’re planning your wedding, but here’s why we think you need to add it to your list:

  • Offering non-alcoholic options will ensure you cater to all your guests' needs – not just the sober and pregnant ones, but also your elders, health-conscious crew, and of course those who are driving!
  • It will be hugely appreciated by those who can’t or don’t want to drink alcohol
  • It provides more socially inclusive party vibes 🥳
  • Weddings can be a long day, offering a good selection of non-alcoholic drinks will enable your guests to pace themselves and last the distance
  • Your guests will more likely be able to remember your special day
  • Less intoxicated guests = less risk of damage occurring at your wedding venue (which you’ll be paying for later)
  • Drunk and sloppy guests can ruin your wedding speeches, and your photos!

Seriously though, there are many reasons why adding a range of top quality non-alcoholic options to your drinks list is a good idea. Most importantly, it’s simply just a nice and thoughtful thing to do for your friends and family who don’t want to drink alcohol at your wedding.

Best non-alcoholic wines for weddings

Hands down the BEST non-alcoholic sparkling wines for weddings are the Noughty Sparkling Rose and Sparkling Chardonnay from Thomson and Scott. These premium sparkling wines are simply amazing. They are creamy, dry, and super delicious. They look and feel like the real thing and are an absolute must have item on your bar menu.

When it comes to having non-alcoholic still wines for your wedding tables, we recommend you check out the Sobriety Society range which has a non-alcoholic Chardonnay and Shiraz, as well as a Blanc De Blanc non-alcoholic sparkling option. If you’re wanting your wine selection to all match then you could always sub out the Thomson & Scott Noughty sparkling wines for the Sobriety Society Blanc De Blanc.

For a more economical option there’s also the Tread Softly range to consider, which comes with a beautiful floral topped bottle making it perfect for placing on your tables alongside other fancy decorations. In this range we have the Pinot Noir, Shiraz, and Rose which are all great non-alcoholic stills. Again, if you’re wanting bubbles to match, then there’s the Tread Softly Prosecco which is crisp and dry, making a good alternative to the Noughty range if you’re worried about your budget (or you just wanted all your bottles to match – we get it 😉).

Best non-alcoholic beers for weddings

For a tasty non-alcoholic craft beer, we recommend trying the Good George Hazy IPA. With taste and quality on par with other popular NZ-made non-alcoholic craft beers such as Garage Project’s Tiny and Bach Brewing’s All Day IPA, the Good George Hazy IPA will give your guests the opportunity to try something different whilst exceeding all expectations.

If you wanted to provide something a little less crafty (not everyone loves the crafty brews) then a safe option to go with would be Steinlager Zero. This is a light, clean and crisp alcohol-free beer with a mildly bitter taste. We’ve found this is one of those beers that pretty much appeals to everyone, so it’s a safe bet for any large crowd.

Other alcohol-free drinks for weddings

For those who don’t want their drinks to resemble anything remotely alcoholic, then why not add some fancy tonics and sodas into the mix? With our extensive range, you're sure to find a few good options. From low-sugar styles through to more full-flavoured delights, we've got it all covered.

Wishing you all the best for your big day!

Your wedding is a special day to be celebrated, shared, and remembered. Enjoying celebratory drinks with friends and family at your wedding is such an important part of your day. Let us help you provide all your guests with an experience they can treasure forever. Head over to the shop and create an inclusive, non-alcoholic drinks menu that will be sure to impress all your guests.  We wish you all the very best for your big day!

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