Hosting Socially Inclusive Corporate Functions

by Clear Head Drinks

It’s getting to that merry time of year where corporate functions and staff parties are in the throws of preparation, ensuring the year ends on a good note. If you’re holding a function or hosting an event this festive season, don’t forget to look after those who want to pace themselves and enjoy the party with some non-alcoholic drinks! 

Be responsible and inclusive with non-alcoholic drinks

There are many reasons why your guests or staff might want to choose a non-alcoholic option at your corporate function.  It’s becoming more common for people to drink less at corporate events, to consciously pace themselves (yes, even if there’s an open bar) and many are choosing low or non-alcoholic drinks to help them do so. 

Whatever their reasons, it makes for a great event if everyone’s beverage preferences are catered for, with or without alcohol.  Use your festive function as an opportunity to show your organisation is socially inclusive and design a drinks menu that is full of delicious non-alcoholic options that are sure to impress your guests!

Non-alcoholic drinks menu planning guide

Planning a drinks menu for your corporate function can be a massive task on its own.  Adding in a whole new category of quality non-alcoholic options may seem like a challenge, especially if the products are unfamiliar to you. Don’t worry, this is where we can help!  Follow our handy guide below and you’ll be sure to create a responsible and inclusive drinks menu.

Stay well clear of lemonade and orange juice

It may come as a bit of a surprise, but for most adults who wish to consume non-alcoholic beverages, lemonade and orange juice are not the preferred choice.  There are far more superior and sophisticated non-alcoholic options available, which will make your sober guests feel well catered for and included.  Make sure your non-alcoholic options are not simply on the menu to ‘tick the box’ for responsible hosting, instead provide interesting, non-alcoholic drinks that taste great and make your sober guests feel part of the party.

Offer at least two non-alcoholic beers

Non-alcoholic beers are great, and an absolute must-have on your drinks menu.  We suggest you offer at least two options, mixing it up with a lager and a craft beer to cater for different taste preferences.  Steinlager Zero is a crisp and refreshing Pilsner-Style beer, lightly hopped with a smooth, malty flavour and balanced bitterness that caters to most tastes. 

For a more crafty option, there are the two leading Kiwi brews, Garage Project's Tiny and the All Day IPA by Bach Brewing which are both hugely popular.  Being locally brewed also means they are an economical and environmentally friendly choice. 

Add some non-alcoholic still and sparkling wine

As drinking bubbles go hand in hand with corporate functions and festive events, you need to have at least one non-alcoholic sparkling wine on the list.  We recommend you serve the sparkling Chardonnay or Rose from the Thomson & Scott Noughty range - these sparkling wines simply can't be beaten!  They are dry and creamy and consistently receive 5 star reviews ⭐️

It would also pay to add some non-alcoholic stills to your menu. Check out our new range of Tread Softly wines or compliment your choice of bubbles with the Blanc, Rose or Rouge stills by Thomson & Scott.

Provide a couple of non-alcoholic RTD’s or Cider

Not everyone likes beer and wine, so why not add a couple of non-alcoholic RTD’s or cider into the mix?  A good old gin and tonic is always a winner, and we’ve got loads of great ready-to-drink options for you to consider. 

When it comes to cider, Zeffer makes excellent non-alcoholic ciders that taste as good as the real thing, or for something a bit different you could try the Good George Doris Plum cider.

Alternative alcohol-free beverages

There’s also a whole category of alternative beverages out there that are completely alcohol-free and don’t mimic traditional alcohol-based drinks. These sparkling beverages are very sophisticated 'adult' drinks, using botanical extracts and all sorts of natural ingredients to make a tasty and healthy grown-up beverage. Perfect for people who simply don't like the taste of alcohol and want to drink something completely different.

Take a look at our entire range of sparkling wine alternatives.  Alternatively, there are always the fancy tonics and mixers you can offer, which would be a cheaper yet effective alternative if your budget is getting a bit stretched.  

Corporate discount available

Now's the time to put in your order to avoid any delivery delays in the lead-up to Christmas.  If you are a business or corporate organisation, please visit our corporate and wholesale page to enquire about our special discounted pricing

If your event is being hosted in a licensed premise and you are unable to supply your own drinks, make sure you find out what non-alcoholic options they have available. Don’t be shy to ask your venue to add more to their menu from our suggestions above.  We have wholesale pricing available as well, so there’s really no excuse!

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