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    For those who love the taste of whiskey but want to avoid the effects of alcohol, non alcoholic whiskey may be the perfect solution. Non alcoholic whiskey uses a combination of natural flavours, extracts, and spices to create a similar taste profile to traditional whiskey. The production process involves blending these ingredients together to create a concentrated flavour, which is then added to a base liquid, such as water or a non-alcoholic spirit. The mixture is then aged in barrels to give it a similar colour and aroma to traditional whiskey, providing a complex and enjoyable drinking experience despite the absence of alcohol. 

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    How does non-alcoholic whiskey taste?

    Non alcoholic whiskey is designed to mimic the taste and aroma of traditional whiskey, but without the alcohol content. While the taste and aroma may not be identical, the natural flavours and botanicals used in the production process helps to create a similar experience. Some non alcoholic whiskeys may have a slightly sweeter and softer feel due to the absence of alcohol, but overall, they aim to provide a similar flavour profile to traditional whiskey. 

    Best non alcoholic whiskey

    Lyre's Highland Malt is our favourite non-alcoholic whiskey! Carefully crafted using a blend of essences to provide a smooth and smoky beverage that mimics the rich, full-bodied flavours of traditional whiskey. Lyre’s Highland Malt provides deep flavours of toffee, spiced oak and nutty grains and carries a firm, dry finish. One of the best things about Lyre's Highland Malt is that it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways – sipped neat, served on the rocks, or mixed into cocktails, making it a versatile and delicious drink for any occasion.  Try it as a whiskey highball by simply adding ice and soda water or get creative and whip up a tasty whiskey sour.

    With the rising popularity of non alcoholic drinks in general, we’re sure to see even more great options for non alcoholic whiskey becoming available soon.  When we do - you will find them here!