Lucky Saint Non-Alcoholic Lager

by Clear Head Drinks

Introducing Lucky Saint

In 2016, the founder of Lucky Saint, Luke Boase, set out to revolutionise alcohol-free beer. His idea was simple: a classic, refreshing lager without the alcohol. To reward those who aren’t drinking with the beer they deserve.  We think he’s nailed it.  Lucky Saint has consistently been one of our top selling non-alcoholic beers that seems to appeal to all. 

Why is Lucky Saint such a tasty non-alcoholic lager? 

It all starts with the high quality ingredients. Lucky Saint is brewed in the UK using the four ingredients you’re supposed to find in lager, and nothing else:

  • Pilsner malt
  • Hallertau hops
  • Bavarian spring water
  • Single use yeast

Next comes patience… It takes six weeks to brew Lucky Saint, and that includes four weeks of lagering – which is what delivers that clean crisp taste.  And if you’re wondering what lagering is, it’s a form of beer maturation on the yeast that usually lasts for several weeks, at or near-freezing temperatures, after fermentation and before filtration or packaging of the beer.  Simply put, it's what makes this beer good!

After all of that, most of the alcohol is then removed using a process called vacuum distillation.  Lucky Saint uses a low temperature technique that allows for most of the alcohol to evaporate without compromising the flavour of the beer 👌

Being 0.5% ABV there’s just a trace amount of alcohol remaining in Lucky Saint lager, which helps to retain all the flavour you’d expect in any full-strength beer.  There’s no need to worry about this though, a common analogy used to contextualise this level of alcohol is that it’s about the same as a ripe banana. So, unless you worry about the alcohol that’s in your fruit, you probably don’t need to worry about the alcohol that’s in your non-alcoholic beer!

How does Lucky Saint non-alcoholic lager compare to regular beer?

Lucky Saint pours like any other decent beer, with a good head on top of it.  It has a brilliant haziness to it because it’s unfiltered, unlike many of its mainstream competitors. By leaving the beer unfiltered, it gives it more flavour, body, and character and that, says founder Luke Boase, “was a complete game changer and the moment where I knew we had something that was going to be different and better than anything else out there”.

Being non-alcoholic, Lucky Saint contains around 1/3 of the calories of a full-strength beer, coming in with just 53 calories per 330ml bottle.  It’s also vegan friendly and very low in sugar which is always a bonus.

How does Lucky Saint non-alcoholic lager taste?

We'd describe Lucky Saint non-alcoholic lager as fresh, citrusy and hazy with a moderate to strong bitter flavour and malty after taste. For a hazy beer it's surprisingly light and refreshing, not heavy like some of the other craft brews. It's a great session beer that you could drink anytime of the day or night.  It has been really popular and consistently well received when sampled at the various beer festivals we've attended.  It's also one of Ricky's personal favourites 😜

Lucky Saint is currently on sale so why not head over to our shop and give it a try!


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