Non-Alcoholic G&Ts with Brunswick Aces Sapiir

by Clear Head Drinks

For International Gin and Tonic Day on October 19th, we wanted to highlight one of our best-selling brands of non-alcoholic gin and a few fancy tonics that complement these oh so well.  We’re talking about Brunswick Aces Sapiir, the Australian made non-alcoholic gin that we stock in two deliciously different varieties – the fresh and savoury style ‘Spades’ and warming spiced style ‘Hearts’. 

What is a Sapiir?

Sapiir is not just a name used by Brunswick Aces to label their non-alcoholic gins. It’s a real thing, and is the name given to an alcohol and sugar free distilled beverage, that results from carefully blending multiple botanical components which are extracted through a distillation process.  There are four key requirements to be considered a genuine Sapiir, which include:

  1. Distilled - The flavour profile of the Sapiir must be generated from either pot or column distillation (or a combination of both), using fresh or dried botanical ingredients. No flavourings, sweeteners, stabilisers or colourings are allowed to be added, either pre or post distillation.
  2. Blended - The flavour profile must contain a minimum of four individual botanical ingredients, none of which can comprise more than 50% alone.
  3. Stability - Sapiir must be stable at room temperature for a minimum of three months after opening, without the need for refrigeration; facilitating its use as a cocktail ingredient.
  4. Form - The final form of a Sapiir must constitute the output from the stills, that is, it cannot be carbonated or be generated from reconstituted distillates. Most importantly, a true Sapiir must be non-alcoholic!

Brunswick Aces Sapiir SPADES

A delicious alternative to classic London Dry style gin, the Spades blend is savoury and fresh on the palate. It has heavy notes of green cardamom and fresh herbs which are perfectly balanced by sweet citrus and native Australian lemon myrtle.  To finish, you’re left with an almost aniseed flavour that is very satisfying and delicious, and a warming heat from the Tasmanian pepperberry which creates a subtle illusion of alcohol in your mouth.

Spades is great when mixed with tonic or used as a savoury base for a range of non-alcoholic cocktails. We paired it with these tonics for a tasty treat:

  • Barker and Quin Tonic Water – A dry and strong, classic style tonic that really hits the spot. Paired with the Brunswick Aces Sapiir Spades, this feels close to a traditional London Dry style gin and tonic, but the herbal elements create an extra layer of 'fancy'.
  • Barker and Quin Hibiscus Tonic – Smooth and dry botanical tonic with a slightly bitter finish.  This tonic worked well with the savoury flavour of the Brunswick Aces Sapiir Spades.

Brunswick Aces Sapiir HEARTS

The Hearts blend is warm and spicy on the palate, featuring cassia bark and ginger which is balanced by zesty citrus, juniper, and native Australian wattleseed.

They say it’s best enjoyed with a yuzu (a beverage made using the Japanese citrus fruit known for its delightful aroma) or blood orange mixer to balance the flavour.  It can also be used as a base for a range of fruity and zesty cocktails. However, we paired it with these tonics for the purpose of International G&T Day, which worked a treat:

  • Barker and Quin Marlua Tonic – This tonic has an interesting tropical fruit flavour, similar to a lychee, along with tangy citrus notes.  Marlua is a very juicy and aromatic South African fruit that is said to have a nutty-caramel flavour with a hint of citrus. This Marlua tonic was outstanding with the Brunswick Aces Sapiir Hearts!
  • Barker and Quin Honeybush Orange Tonic – A dry and strong tonic with a hint of honey and a sour citrus bite. Goes well with the Brunswick Aces Sapiir Hearts, especially if you’re looking for a refreshing yet bitter citrus drink.

Available in 100ml sample size

The Sapiir range of non-alcoholic gins from Brunswick come in a handy 100ml sample size, so it’s easy to give these a try and experiment with different tonics in pursuit of finding your new favourite G&T. 

Once you’ve nailed it, you can order the more economic 700ml bottle to add to your cocktail making collection.  Brunswick’s revolutionary new bottle also enables you to pour the perfect drink every time - the lids help you accurately measure all your ingredients in 15ml, 30ml, 45ml & 60ml volumes 👌 

Head over to the shop to order your Brunswick Aces Sapiir and get amongst International G&T Day with us!   

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