Why Doing Sober October is Good

by Natalie Cooper

In New Zealand, we live in a culture that is saturated with alcohol.  It’s not just about when, what, and how much we’re drinking, it’s that we see it everywhere and it has unconsciously become integrated into every part of our lives.  You celebrate happy occasions and milestones with alcohol, like birthdays, weddings, baby showers, promotions and buying a new house.  You commiserate over sad occasions with alcohol, like in times of grief, during breakups, periods of high stress, or even if you’ve just had a bad day.  Then there’s all the time in between when it’s not really an up or down moment, but you drink as part of being social or even perhaps just because you’re a little bit bored... 

Sober October helps you take a step back

Alcohol is wrapped up in so many parts of our lives, you may or may not be truly aware of just how ever present it has become.  We all know alcohol is not exactly good for us, and a lot of people drink more than they should (or at least more than they intend to). 

Doing Sober October is a great opportunity to take a step back from drinking for a while.  It helps you reassess your drinking habits and gives your body and mind a little reset.  You’re not committing to a lifetime without alcohol, it’s only one month, and in the big scheme of things that’s not a very long time.  You can do it!

A great way to lower alcohol consumption

Doing Sober October is a great way to start lowering your overall alcohol consumption.  Although, choosing to do a few month-long breaks throughout the year would be even better!  There are many ‘themed’ alcohol-free months you could choose to do as well as Sober October, like Dry January, Feb Fast and Dry July.  My advice is to DO THEM ALL (or any other month that suits you)!

Here's why. 

By taking just three month-long breaks over the course of a year, your alcohol consumption will be instantly cut by one quarter.  Do four, and you’ll lower your consumption by a third.  You’ve also got the bonus of changing your drinking habits and reducing your tolerance for alcohol, which happens naturally during and after taking a month off.  In the first few weeks or months that follow your break, you are likely to drink less often (you won’t want to undo all your good work) and you’ll drink less (you will feel the effects of alcohol quicker). 

When you factor all of this in, by taking just a few month-long breaks over the course of a year, you could be able to cut your annual alcohol consumption by up to one half!

That’s a massive impact and highlights why these month-long breaks from alcohol are so good to do.  They are an easy and sustainable way to keep your drinking in check while improving your overall health and well-being.  

Make Sober October easy with some non-alcoholic drinks!

Clear Head Drinks has made it easy to get amongst Sober October this year by putting on a massive month-long sale with 20% off EVERYTHING!  There is an extensive range of non-alcoholic drinks to choose from including beers, wines, ciders, spirits, and premixed drinks.  

Having good non-alcoholic drinks makes all the difference when going alcohol-free.  It helps you break bad habits and create healthy new ones.  It helps you feel included and comfortable in social settings.  It helps you continue to enjoy the all drinks you love, so there's really no missing out. 

If you haven't already done so, head over to the shop to stock up and breeze through Sober October 🥂

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