Best adult drinks that do not mimic alcohol

by Clear Head Drinks

There’s a huge selection of non-alcoholic drinks available that mimic the styles and tastes of traditional alcohol-based products, but what if you’re looking for something different?  Many people who choose not to drink alcohol do so because they simply don’t like the taste of it.  Non-alcoholic drinks that look and feel like alcohol can also have a triggering effect on some people, causing an otherwise sober person to relapse back to drinking – and we don’t want that!

What to drink if you don’t like alcohol

If you don’t like the taste of alcohol or just want to stay well away from it, there are plenty of delicious alcohol-free alternatives available that don’t replicate any alcohol-based drinks.  There is a growing new category of alcohol-free drinks, that carry complex and sophisticated flavour profiles which hold their own without any need to mimic alcohol.  You’ll find these located under the ‘wine alternatives’ and ‘non-alcoholic cocktails’ pages of our site.  Of course, there are always the tonics and mixers that taste great on their own too!

Sophisticated adult drinks that don’t replicate alcohol

We think the best alternatives for those looking for a sophisticated adult drink that doesn’t replicate any traditional alcohol-based drink would be amongst the ranges from Altina, ETCH, Finery and NON.  Let us give you a bit of a run down of these fabulous brands...


Altina offers three 0% ABV sparkling wine alternatives - La Vie En Rose, Le Blanc, and Sansgria (a bubbly red).  While these beverages may look a lot like traditional sparkling wine, their flavour profile is anything but.  Altina crafts their beverages from natural ingredients and botanical extracts which are carefully chosen and expertly blended.  The tasting experience is distinguished and layered with delicious flavours that build in complexity with every sip.

ETCH (Every Day Choose Health)

ETCH is a unique drink that offers adults a new and different drinking experience.  These beverages are hand crafted using distilled botanicals of sustainably farmed native Australian fruits and herbs.  With an emphasis on health, ETCH contain no refined sugars, artificial sweeteners or preservatives and are low calorie, low carb and 0% ABV.  We stock three different flavours of ETCH - PLM, ZST and HNY.  To find out more about ETCH check out our Every Time Choose Health with ETCH blog.

Both Altina and ETCH are made in Australia using local and native ingredients, giving us Kiwi's an opportunity to try new flavours like native Australian Riberry, Rosella, Forestberry, Wattleseed, Strawberry Gum and Australian Fingerlime.  The options from Altina and ETCH are all light and refreshing, yet complex and interesting, and well worth a try.


Finery is a New Zealand business whose social promise is to help reshape our drinking cultures by continuing to create and develop better for you Low and No Alcohol beverage options.  Proudly made in New Zealand, Finery’s 0% range includes flavours of Vanilla & Elderflower, Lemon, Myrtle & Lime, Grapefruit & Cucumber, Ginger & Green Tea.

Each recipe is free from sugar, carbs, gluten and is unpasteurised, to capture the taste of every delicious natural element in all its glory. Flavours are subtle yet sophisticated, and there’s a slightly spicy after taste that elevates the drinking experience.


“NON. LET’S NONCONFORM.”  With nonconformity being at the heart of their manifesto, NON is something entirely different again! NON beverages are designed by a team of expert food and beverage professionals ranging from chefs and bartenders to food scientists and winemakers, creating flavours that combine floral notes with tannins, salinity, and acidity.  Options include Salted Raspberry & Chamomile, Caramelised Pear & Kombu, Toasted Cinnamon & Yuzu, Roasted Beetroot & Sansho, and Stewed Cherry & Coffee. 

We totally agree with NON’s manifesto, which sums it up perfectly when they say:


Healthy alcohol-free alternatives

What’s great about this growing new category of alcohol-free beverages is that they focus on providing adults with a tasty alternative to drinking alcohol while maintaining optimal health.  They are all vegan friendly, low in sugar or sugar free, low in calories and contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Using only natural ingredients, botanical extracts and clever crafting techniques, these beverages offer adults more choice around their drinking and enhanced social experiences.  We can't ask for much more than that 😍

Head over to the shop and check out the full range of alcohol-free sparkling wine alternatives and non-alcoholic cocktails.

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